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  • The best way to exchange high 5s Without exchanging viruses and germs!


The best way to exchange high 5s Without exchanging viruses and germs! Shop Now

Sturdy, Lightweight, Easy to clean

Made with .060 styrene, a versatile and durable plastic material, the Social High 5 comes with an adhesive plastic strap which you can easily attach in a way that best fits your hand. When at a football game, baseball game, hockey game, basketball game, or any other sport or event, or, at your favorite sports bar or other venue, to watch your team, why high 5 by touching the bare hand of others? In this time of pandemic, and after, protect yourself against COVID, flu, colds, and any other germs or bacteria.

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Constructed of styrene a durable and lightweight plastic

Easy to clean - no creases or spaces to collect germs or bacteria - a quick wipe and it is clean

Protects your hand from anything on the hands of others

Fun way to celebrate; light and easy to carry

A great, inexpensive,

gift for others

For orders of 50 or more, customization is available, just contact us directly at 833-624-4445 (833-62HIGH5).


Also good for:

  • Sports bars - add your logo and sell or give to your patrons
  • Tail gating parties - include your names or the name of your organization
  • Concert events - commemorate with the name of the concert and the name of your group, or even the names of all of the individuals in your group
  • Weddings - provide to all of your guests with your names and wedding date, or photo
  • Birthday - provide to all of your guests with the date and photo of the birthday guest of honor
  • Anniversary - surprise the couple with Social High 5s for all of the guests with a photo of the happy couple and the number and date of the anniversary
  • Graduations - put a photo of the graduate and the date
  • Corporate events - add the company logo and a reference to the event
  • Use your imagination - there are all sorts of gatherings where customized Social High 5s would be a great giveaway

Easy to Attach Strap

  • Strap is provided on paper backing
  • Remove strap from paper backing
  • Attach ends of strap to Social High 5 hand — closer together for larger hands, apart for smaller hands
  • Once ends are attached, if part of strap extends past hand, trim or fold over
  • Slide hand between strap and Social High 5, and you are ready to celebrate!

Don't fight your instinct to celebrate

With Social High 5, exchange as many high 5s as you desire. Don't hold back, and still be safe.

Don't risk your health

With Social High 5 you can feel safe and comfortable that you are not in contact with bacteria, viruses, or germs that may be on others' hands.

Have fun, feel protected

Don't let the need to maintain social distance impede your fun. Go ahead and be excited, and exchange high 5s, because you are protected.