About Us

Social High 5 was started by sports fans, probably just like you. We love attending games and watching road games at a local sports bar. When things go well for our team and we are with other fans, we exchange high 5s with everyone around us as we celebrate.

Even before the risks of COVID and the pandemic, although we enjoyed the high 5s, we were not thrilled with touching others' hands. Who knows what they touched since the last time they washed their hands. We aren't germiphobes, but getting ill, be it colds, flu, or any other illness that might be going around, was not only not fun, but it could cause us problems with our work and/or personal schedules. So, we tried to be cautious.

Sure, we could wear gloves, but our hands would get too warm, it was not convenient to put them on, take them off, put them on, etc. etc. etc. And, most gloves are absorbent and take some effort to clean.

Of course, it isn't practical to run to the restroom and wash our hands after every occasion of high 5s. And, constantly having wipes available isn't always convenient or practical, and they can be bulky.

BUT, with the Social High 5, our hands stay clean. It is easy to slip on and slip off. When convenient, we can clean the Social High 5 easily with a quick wipe from a hand wipe, wet towel, or any other method one wants to use.

We think it would be great if everyone around us, whether at a game or a sports bar also used a Social High 5 and we all contributed to preventing germs from traveling from person to person.

On top of all of that, they provide a fun way to show our enthusiasm and fan support.

Once we started the idea, we realized the Social High 5 could be useful for any gathering where celebrations happen. That could include weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation parties.

They would be a great item for local sports teams and clubs. Imagine if everyone in your kids' baseball, soccer, football, basketball, etc. league used a Social High 5 during the game, significantly reducing the chances of germs spreading throughout the families and teams! And, if you order at least 50, we can customize your Social High 5s with your team logo!

We hope you recognize the value of the Social High 5 and use it to help protect yourselves and others!